Referral Program

Earn rewards & money by referring friends to Follow.


For every referral, both you and the person you've referred will be able to
  • lookup 5 more domains,
  • follow 1 more domain,
  • see 2% more of our data.
  • and read 50 more stories each month for free.
If your direct referral (1st tier referral) upgrades to a paid account, you'll receive
  • a commission of $10 or 20%, whichever is greater, on every sale, for life.
If your referral refers others (2nd tier referrals) who upgrade to a paid account, you'll also receive
  • a commission(s) of 20% off the net amount (the remaining amount after the first referrals are paid their commissions) on every sale, for life.


How do I get my referral link?

You can get your referral link by logging in and going to our referral page. You must have a Follow account to obtain a referral link. If you do not have an account, you can sign up for free.

Are there any premade marketing creatives?

Yes, you can find some our premade creatives on our press page. You can use these when promoting Follow. We recommend you download these images and host them yourself. We may change the hosted images from time to time on our servers. You are also welcome to create your own creatives. Remember to always include your referral link when you share Follow.

Can I track referral sign ups using custom tracking parameters?

Yes, we provide the following query parameters to track them; aff_sub1, aff_sub2 and aff_sub3. Example, http:/{user_id}&ref_sub1={subid1}&ref_sub2={subid2}. Of course, replace the {placeholders} with the appropriate values.

Can I redirect visitors to a specific URL?

Yes, use the following query parameters to redirect visitors to a specific url; redirect. Example,{user_id}&redirect={url}. If you have any questions, please contact us. Test to make sure any of your links work before using them.


Where can I see a list of the people who I've referred?

You can see everyone who whom referred by going to our rewards page. You'll be able to see who you've referred and what rewards you've earned. If you want to see the money you've earned you'll need to check a different area as described below.

Where can I see all of the commissions I've earned?

If any of your referrals upgrade to a paid account, you'll earn commissions. To see all of the money you've earned, go to our commissions page.

Why are my commissions marked as pending?

When one of your referrals pays us, you'll receive a new "pending" commission. 30 days later, if the referral does not request a refund or doesn't chargeback, the commissions will then be marked as "approved". Once the commission is marked as approved you've officially earned this commission and we'll then send out the payment to you. The commission will change to "rejected" if the user requests a refund or chargesback the payment. Rejected commissions will not be paid out.


How do I get paid for my approved commissions?

Please send us the following tax and payment information shown below. Depending where you're based, the information we require is different.

For US residents & companies:

  1. Send us a completed W9 form.
  2. Send us your bank account & routing number. The bank account must be located in the United States. Our bank transfers are made via ACH.

For foreign entities:

  1. Send us a completed W8-BEN form.
  2. Send us your PayPal email address. We can only currently send payments to foreign entities via PayPal at this time.

Please email this information to Once we receive your tax and payment information, we'll begin sending your payments. You can e-sign your tax form, you can digitally sign your tax forms for free at Dropbox Sign.

Why do we need to collect your tax information? We need to collect W9 and W8 forms to determine whether or not we need to withhold money due to payees who are subject to backup witholding. We also need this information to file accurate about who we paid to IRS. You can learn more about W9s here..


Can you setup a custom landing page for me?

Yes. Here is an example of a custom a landing page we did for Tracking202. Please send us the name you want to use for your custom link. It will look like this, For example, Tracking202 has the custom landing page URL Please send us your custom link name and a logo we can use to create your page to

Can you setup a special deal for all of my referrals?

Yes. We can make it so your referrals can receive more free upgrades when signing up through your link than they would normally. This is a great way for you to promote Follow to your list. We'll be happy to make all of your users feel special when they sign up. Please contact us for more details.