Our Plans

Save up to 40% with Annual Billing.

$297 / month$2,477 / year
Save 30%
$97 / month$799 / year
Save 31%
$37 / month$297 / year
Save 33%
Monthly Lookups 20,000 5,000 500 50
Follows 1,500 500 20 5
Basic Overview Data Access 100% 100% 100% 50%
Premium Data Units Included 10,000 3,000 0 0
Cost For Additional Premium Data Units
(if premium data included is exceeded)
$0.030/unit $0.040/unit
Full Whois
Printable Reports
API Access
Upgrade Upgrade Upgrade Sign Up
Why do the free plans have a range of values?

If you refer a friend to Follow, we'll give your account free upgrades. The range of values shows where you first start off at and where you can eventually get to if you refer enough people. You'll earn the following free upgrades every time you refer a friend:

  • 5 more overivew lookups
  • 2% more overview data (up to 80%)
  • 1 more follow (up to 15 extra in addition to your plan)
  • 50 more stories (up to 750 extra in addition to your plan)
What do I get with 100% Basic Overview Data Access?

The basic overview data is everything excluding our premimum data, shown above.

When you lookup a domain for the first time we show you all of the high level information about it. We call this the domain overview screen. This overview screen shows you all of the high level information about the site. We generally only show you the top and most important pieces of information about that site, for example; the top ads, top tweets, top affiliate offers, etc etc for the domain. We do not show you all of the information, only the top and most important information.

Free users get 50% of this information by default. What does that mean? If there are 10 ads avaliable for example, they'd only be able to see 5 of them. If they unlock 100% Overview Data, they'd be able to see all 10 of the ads.

What do you get with 100% Overview Data? You get all of the high-level data we have avaliable for the domain you're looking at.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Although we hate to see our friends leave, you can easily cancel your account at any time from within the application.

What if I need more than what your plans support?

If you think you might max out our largest plan, please contact us and we'll put something together for you.

What is a premimum data point, and how is usage calculated?

Certain reports require you to use premimum data points. Having the data points allows us to track our premimum report usage. You'll notice that different reports have different data point usage. Why? It's because, some sites may return no data, others just a little bit, and others a lot. The more data that is returned, the more data points that are being used. If you retrieved a report that returned no data, you would not use up any of your premimum data points.

Everytime you retrieve a premimum report, you'll be able to see your usage and a history of it. If you exceed your included amount of data points and retrieve more reports than your plan allows, you'll just be billing the overagee fees on your next monthly invoice. If you're an annual paying subscriber, you'll receive a monthly invoice for your overages.

If you need a more in-depth understanding at how it's calculated, please contact us.

What is the best plan to get started?

If you are just starting out, we recommend trying our free plan. But if you know you have a lot of competitors and you really want to understand what they do, we recommend jumping right into our paid plans. We provide a lot more data and information which you may not see using our free service.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund your monthly or annual subscription amount within 7 days of asking. However, we will not refund any overagee fees for premium reports that you ran over your included plan limit.