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Wes Mahler

Wes Mahler, Co-Founder & CEO

San Francisco, USA

Wes is our Chief Everything Officer. His dream is to create a world in which everyone realizes their full potential & pursues their dreams. Wes dropped out of college twice to pursue his own dreams of building a tech company in Silicon Valley. He sold his first company, Tracking202, at the age of 22. Immediately following afterwards, there were several ups and downs. Being tired of constantly working all the time, with hurt shoulders and a bit of inspriration from the book, the 4-Hour Work Week, Wes decided to travel around the world with his girlfriend for a year, have fun and build his next startup at the same time, Follow. Although the days now don't always feel quite as productive as it did in the past when we worked the unsustainable 70+ hours a week, the enjoyment factor is now much higher, it's made a huge difference in personal happiness & work satisfaction.

Waldemar Dziubek

Waldemar Dziubek, Co-Founder & CTO

Chicago, USA

Waldemar is responsible for all of our technology. Originally born and raised in Poland, he now leads our development team out of Chicago. At his last job, Waldemar was the lead engineer at an advertising startup, and helped architect it's scalable ad network that helped the company go from zero to over half million dollars a month in revenue in it's first 12 months of operation. Waldemar enjoys eating ramen noodles, basketball and learning about technology.


Davide Di Prossimo

Davide Di Prossimo, VP of Customer Success

Melbourne, Australia

Davide divides his time between Follow and Writeca. At Follow, Davide is in charge of the company blog, the newsletter -- which mainly focuses on customer acquisition strategies -- the revenue sales deriving from advertising. Davide has a second passion: The Arts. He is founder of Writeca, an independent online source of news and entertainment on the contemporary and old masters of the arts. Davide personally takes care of the newsletter for Writeca as well. When he isn't writing, Davide is perhaps running, reading one of his books, enjoying his free time with friends and family, or watching inspiring movies. If you wish to befriend Davide, just send Italian buffalo mozzarella ... that's his weakness.


Andriy Suden

Andriy Suden, Software Engineer

Chicago, USA

As our newest, and youngest, addition to the team, Andriy works on the back-end to ensure we can crunch the latest data for our users. When he's not coding robots or working on Follow, he enjoys trying new food with his friends, biking, or watching comedy movies.

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe

Nana Gilbert-Baffoe, Advisor & Marketing Expert

San Diego, USA

CEO of Tracking202, performance advertising analytics software service. Originally from Ghana.

Justin Barr

Justin Barr, Advisor

Orange County, USA

A geek with a passion for building profitable companies, innovating and creating products that solve problems. Currently CEO of Artbotic, a One for One art supplies and quarterly art subscription box. Making the world a more creative space by making art easily available to everyone in the world. Previously, Co-Founder and COO of TapIt Media Group - A leading Mobile Advertising Platform acquired by Phunware in 2013. Also creator of the original Affiliate marketing news aggregator, Affbuzz. Featured on MobileMarketer.com, Quoted on Bloomberg and listed on OCMetro's "Top 40 Under 40" in Orange County for 2013.